Rev.Adv.Mater.Sci. (RAMS)
No 2, Vol. 23, 2010, pages 196-206


J. Typek , N. Guskos, E. Filipek and M. Piz


FeSbVO6 powder samples synthesized by the solid state reaction technique were investigated by the Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) in the 4-300K temperature range. At room temperature the EPR spectrum consists of two components: a narrow line centered at g=1.975 and a more intense and much broader Lorentzian line centered at g=2.20. The broad line was deconvoluted on three spectral Lorentzian components to properly reproduce the temperature dependence of the observed EPR spectra. The temperature dependence of the EPR spectral parameters (linewidth, g-factor, amplitude, integrated intensity) of all components was calculated. At low temperature (T<100K) the main component of the broad line displayed very interesting behavior by reaching a maximum in the integrated intensity at 70K. The narrow line in the EPR spectrum of FeSbVO6 was attributed to strongly interacting V4+ monomers, while the broad line was produced by various iron and vanadium spin clusters. A comparison of the magnetic properties of FeSbVO6 with the previously studied CrSbVO6 was done and the observed differences are discussed. Possible models of the discovered paramagnetic centers were proposed.

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