Welcome to St. Petersburg this summer !

Address of the Organizing Committee:
Prof. A.L.Fradkov

The Institute for Probl. of Mech. Engg.
61 Bolshoy, V.O. 199178, St.Petersburg, RUSSIA

    Welcome to St. Petersburg

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the International Conference "CONTROL OF OSCILLATIONS AND CHAOS" (COC'97). This will be the first international conference focusing on the subject of controlling complex oscillatory dynamical systems, with emphasis on both theory and applications.

Control of oscillations and chaos is an emerging field. It has been demonstrated by dramatically growing number of publications in the international journals and conferences and as well as by the exciting interest in the COC'97. About 190 papers has been selected by the International Programme Committee from 246 submissions. 15 plenary and semi-plenary talks will focus on the hot topics. Regular and poster technical sessions are splitted into 8 theme sections. Papers included into the Conference Programme represent authors from 38 countries of all continents. About 70 papers have come from out of the former Soviet Union and 12 more have East-West coauthorship that demonstrates the growing interest in the international collaboration in the field. The IPC has selected also 5 finalists of the Young Author Contest from some 30 papers submitted. The final decision will be taken at the Conference by special Committee.

A major goal of the Conference is to bring together researchers from various fields, to advance the state-of-the-art control theory and technology for complex oscillatory dynamical systems, and to gain some general and unified perspectives in the control of nonlinear dynamical behavior. In accordance with this goal the papers from various scientific fields will be presented: mathematics; physics; mechanics; chemistry; mechanical, electrical and civil engineering, biology, economics, etc. It is going to be a truly international and interdisciplinary meeting.

Another goal of the Conference is to get the world scientific community acquainted with the recent achievements of Russian experts in nonlinear dynamics and nonlinear control which are not well published in English before. It would promote future cooperation in the field.

Finally we would like to create a friendly athmosphere for work and rest and to encourage making new personal contacts, exchanging ideas and enjoying the beauties of St.Petersburg including the masterpieces of the Hermitage, Tsars' palaces of suburbs, picturesque islands and embankments. So make your plans to stay over the weekend to attend various sightseeing tours.

The Conference will take place in the "Dom Uchenyh" ("House of Scientists") which is the beautiful palace located on the Neva embankment very close to the Hermitage museum in the centre of St.Petersburg.

The organization novelty of COC'97 is welcoming submission of "standby" papers which will be included into the final programme instead of existing ones in cases of nonattendance or not registering. It would avoid the problem of "No-Show" papers and attract new papers with the last minute results. We look forward to seeing you in St.Petersburg in August 1997.


    Co-sponsored by

    With Technical Co-sponsorship of

    International Program Committee

F.L.Chernousko (Chairman, Russia)
G.Chen (Vice-Chairman, USA)
K.Furuta (Vice-Chairman, Japan)
R.Genesio (Vice-Chairman, Italy)
V.A.Yakubovich (Vice-Chairman, Russia)
E.Abed (USA)
K.J.Astrom (Sweden)
L.D.Akulenko (Russia)
V.S.Anischenko (Russia)
N.E. Barabanov (Russia)
V.N.Belykh (Russia)
I.I.Blekhman (Russia)
D.H. van Campen (The Netherlands)
L.O.Chua (USA)
W.Ditto (USA)
A.L.Fradkov (Russia)
M.Hasler (Switzerland)
G.Hu (P.R. China)
E.Kreuzer (Germany)
G.A.Leonov (Russia)
I.M.Y.Mareels (Australia)
M.Marek (Czech Republik)
A.I.Mees (Australia)
H.Nijmeijer (The Netherlands)
M.Ogorzalek (Poland)
A.A.Pervozvansky (Russia)
F.Pfeiffer (Germany)
M.I.Rabinovich (Russia)
E.N.Rozenvasser (Russia)
W.Schiehlen (Germany)
A.N.Sharkovski (Ukraine)
A.Tesi (Italy)
J.M.T.Thompson (UK)
T.Ushio (Japan)

    National Organizing Committee

A.L.Fradkov (Chairman),
D.A. Indejtsev (Vice-Chairman),
G.A.Leonov (Vice-Chairman),
A.Yu.Pogromsky (Secretary),
C.F.Burdakov (Local Arrangements),
A.N.Churilov (Publications),
I.V.Miroshnik (Accomodation),
V.B.Smirnova (Social Program),
M.G.Zeitlin (Publicity)

    Young Author Prize

Young Author Prize will be awarded for the best paper. The presenting author should be younger than 35 at the time of the Conference. Authors wishing to participate in the contest has indicated it in the submission form. The IPC has selected 5 finalists from some 30 papers submitted. The final decision will be taken at the Conference by special YAP Committee according to the quality of both results and presentation. The award will be presented at the Closing Session.

YAP Committee

N.E.Barabanov (Chairman, Russia)
V.N.Belykh (Russia)
G.Chen (USA)
H.Nijmeijer (The Netherlands)
A.Tesi (Italy)

    "No-Show" Authors and "Standby" Papers

The organization novelty of the Conference is welcoming submission of "standby" papers (submitted after the deadline) which will be included into the final program (without including into the Conference Proceedings) instead of existing ones in cases of nonattendance or not registering. The submitted standby papers will be considered at the final IPC/NOC meeting on Aug.23, 1997. The list of the program updates will be distributed at the registration desk.
Therefore every paper submitted after the deadline and registered will be considered for possible inclusion into the program. We will make every effort to print out some number of copies of standby papers by the Conference. However we recommend to bring some number of copies with you to make it available to interested attendees.
We hope such an arrangement would avoid the problem of "No-Show" papers and attract new papers with the last minute results.

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