Book of translations "Control of molecular and quantum systems" A.L.Fradkov, O.A.Yakubovskii. Translated by I.A. Makarov.

Moscow-Izhevsk, Institute for Computer Studies, 2003, 416 p.(In Russian).
Abstract: The book presents main ideas, results and problems in the field of control of microworld processes, an emerging research area of the last decade. The achievements of the main groups in this area, continuing either theoretical or experimental research are included. The scope of the book includes adaptive control of molecular systems with femtosecond lasers, control of qubits with nuclear magnetic resonance, optimal control of quantum systems, etc. Implementation issues for quantum computations are addressed. The survey paper of E.Brown and H.Rabitz from the University of Princeton, presents more then 50 open problems, important for further development of the field. The book may be useful for students, teachers, researchers and engineers interested in theory and experiments in the boundary area between physics, chemistry and cybernetics (systems and control theory).