A.L. Fradkov. Cybernetical Physics: Principles and Examples
St.Petersburg, Nauka, 2003, 208 p.
Abstract: The book presents an outline of Cybernetical Physics - new scientific area aimed at studying physical systems by cybernetical methods. The subject and methodology of the Cybernetical Physics are exposed. A number of results establishing fundamental limitations for transformation of trajectories for concervative and dissipative systems are given. The survey of applications of feedback for control of chaos, control of synchronization, control of interconnected and distributed systems is given. An approach to description of dynamics of physical systems based on speed-gradient control method is introduced. The proposed results are illustrated by examples of new feedback-based approaches to some classical problems: Kapitsa pendulum, escape from a potential well, synchronization of pendulums, control of chemical reactions with phase transition, controlled dissociation of diatomic molecules.

The book is intended for students, teachers, researchers and engineers interested in the boundary area between physics, control theory and system theory.

Download the full text (PDF, 1618 KB, in Russian)