CCS Publications, 2000

Journal papers

Polushin I.G., Fradkov A.L., Hill D.J.
Passivity and passification of nonlinear systems.
Automation and Remote Control, Vol.61, No 3, Part I, 2000, pp.355-388.

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A controlled closing theorem.
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Stabilization of invariant sets for nonlinear non-affine systems.
Automatica, 2000, vol.36, No 11, pp.1709-1715.

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Adaptive observer-based synchronization for communications.
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Cooperative oscillatory behavior of mutually coupled dynamical systems
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, Part I, 2000.

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On estimates of the Hausdorff dimension of invariant compact sets
Nonlinearity, 13, 2000, pp. 927-945.

A. Shiriaev, A. Pogromsky, H. Ludvigsen, Egeland O.
On global properties of passivity-based control of an inverted pendulum
International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, 2000 (10), pp. 283 -- 300. (Special Issue: Control of underactuated nonlinear systems)

Shiriaev A.S.
Stabilization of compact sets for passive affine nonlinear systems
Automatica, Vol.36, No9, pp.1373--1380

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The notion of $V$-detectability and stabilization of invariant sets of nonlinear systems
Systems & Control Letters, Vol.39, No.5, pp.327--338.

Shiriaev A.S.
Some remarks on `System Analysis via Integral Quadratic Constraints'
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Vol.45, No.8, pp.1527--1532.

Conference papers

Andrievsky B.R.
Information transmission by adaptive identification with chaotic carrier
Proc. the 2nd International Conference "Control of Oscillations and Chaos (COC 2000)", 5-7 July 2000, St. Petersburg, Russia. V.1. P.115 - 117.

Andrievsky B.R., Fradkov A.L.
Control of oscillations in mechanical systems
Preprints of 1st Intern. Conf. on Mechatronics and Robotics, St.Petersburg, 2000, V.1, p.174.

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Information transmission by adaptive synchronization with chaotic carrier and and noisy channel.
Proc. 39th IEEE Conf.Decisions and Control, Sydney, 12-15 Dec. 2000, pp.1025-1030.

Burkov I.V., Fradkov A.L.
Stabilization of integrals of velocity dynamics of rigid body
Proc. Eur. Congress of Mathem. Barcelona, 2000.

Fradkov A.L.
Feedback analysis of nonlinear systems
Proc. 2nd IEEE-IUTAM Intern.Conf. "Control of Oscillations and Chaos", St.Petersburg, 2000, pp.514-517.

Fradkov A.L.
A nonlinear philosophy for nonlinear systems.
Proc. 39th IEEE Conf. Decisions and Control, Sydney, 12-15 Dec. 2000, pp.4397-4402.

A. Pogromsky, Nijmeijer H.
On estimation of the region of attraction by first order approximation
Proc. 39th IEEE Conf.Dec.Contr., Sydney, 12 -- 15 Dec. 2000., paper 1606.

A. Pogromsky, Nijmeijer H.
New results on estimation of Hausdorff dimension
ISCAS'2000, Geneva, paper 1089.

H.J.C. Huijberts, H.Nijmeijer, Pogromsky A.Yu.
An observer point of view on synchronization of discrete-time systems
ISCAS'2000, Geneva, paper 1090.

A. Shiriaev, A. Friesel, J. Perram, Pogromsky A.Yu.
On stabilization of rotational modes of an inverted pendulum
Proc. 39th IEEE Conf.Dec.Contr., Sydney, 12-15 Dec. 2000.

Polushin I.G.
Energy Control of the Toda Lattice
Proc. the 2nd Control of Oscillations and Chaos Conference (COC'2000), Vol.1, pp. 26-28.

Polushin I.G.
Control of Oscillations in Hamiltonian Systems under Disturbances
Proc. the Control'2000 Conference, Cambridge, UK, September 2000.

Polushin I.G.
On the Output Feedback Control of Passive Nonlinear Systems with Input Perturbations
Proc. 39th IEEE Conf.Decisions and Control, Sydney, 12-15 Dec. 2000

Makarov I.A., Zuber I.E., Yakubovich V.A.
Trajectory tracking problem for automatic steering and related topics
Proc. the Franch-Russian Lyapunov Institute, 2000.

Shiriaev A.S., Fradkov A.L.
Stabilization of invariant sets in nonlinear systems: Chetaev's bundles and speed-gradient
Proc. IFAC Workshop "Hamiltonian and Lagrangian Methods in Control. Princeton, March 2000, pp. 50-55.

Shiriaev A.S., Kolesnichenko O.
On passivity based control for partial stabilization of underactuated systems
Proceedings of the 39th Conference on Decision and Control, pp.2174--2179, Sydney, 2000.

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On global properties of passivity based control for swinging of Pendubot
Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on `Control of Oscillations and Chaos', Vol.1, pp.33--36, St.Petersburg, 2000.

Ghulchak A., A.S.Shiriaev.
Global stabilization of a class of nonlinear systems: an alternative description of the sufficient conditions
Reglermote, Uppsala, 2000.