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Ilya Polushin was born in 1968, June 14 in Kirov, Russia. He has Ph.D. degree in Automatic Control (1996, from Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University, PhD Thesis title "Synthesis of Adaptive Control Algorithms for Nonlinear Mechanical Systems"). and Master degree in Electrical Engineering (1992, Diploma project title "Sliding Mode Control of AC-drive").

From 1996 February to 1996 July was a Lecturer of St.Petersburg Electrotechnical University, from August 1996 - Researcher of IPME. From 1998 January - Senior Researcher, Large Scale Control System Lab., Institute for Problems of Mechanical Engineering, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Ilya G. Polushin was a winner (1st Degree Diploma) of Saint Petersburg Young Researchers Competition in Automatic Control Theory (1994). He get St.Petersburg Government Award for Best Young Scientists in 1999.

In 1996-1998 he developed undergraduate courses on Mathematical Foundations of Control Theory, Adaptive Control Systems, and Mathematical Systems Theory.

In 1997 he was visiting (3 months) Laboratory of Applied Nonlinear Sciences, University of Sydney (Head of Laboratory - Prof. D.J.Hill).

Since 2001 Dr. Polushin has been visiting the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.

Fields of scientific interests:

  • nonlinear control, in particular passivity/dissipativity methods;
  • nonlinear dynamics;
  • stability theory;
  • control of nonlinear oscillations.