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04.07.1948 - 02.05.2006

MIROSHNIK, Iliya V., was born in Saint-Petersburg, July 04, 1948. He received his E.E. degree from the Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics (IFMO) in 1972, Ph.D. degree in Automatic Control in 1978, and Sc. Doctor degree in 1992. He was a part time chief research associate of the Institute for Problems of Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

He published 6 books and over 100 papers, booklets and patents. The books are

  • V.N Drozdov., I.V Miroshnik., V.I Skorubsky. Automatic control systems with micro-computers. Leningrad, Ed. Mashnostroenie, 1989, 284 p. (in Russian)
  • I.V. Miroshnik. Coordinating control of multivariable systems. Leningrad, Ed. Energoatomizdat, 1990, 128 p. (in Russian)
  • A.L. Fradkov, I.V. Miroshnik, V.O. Nikiforov. Nonlinear and Adaptive Control of Complex Systems. Kluwer Acad. Pub., Dordrecht, 1999, 528 p.
  • I. V. Miroshnik , V.O Nikiforov, A.L. Fradkov. Nonlinear Control of Dynamical Systems. Nauka, Saint-Petersburg, 2000, 562 p. (in Russian)
  • S.F. Burdakov, I. V. Miroshnik , R.E. Stelmakov. Motion Control Systems for Wheeled Robots. Nauka, Saint-Petersburg, 2001, 227 p. (in Russian)
  • I. V. Miroshnik and A.A. Bobtsov. Linear Automatic Control Systems. SPbIFMO, Saint- Petersburg, 2001, 245 p. (in Russian)