HEACC-2001, Abstract 2

Fedorova A.N., Zeitlin M.G.


We present applications of methods from nonlinear(local) harmonic analysis or wavelet analysis to a number of nonlinear accelerator physics problems. This is continuation of our results which were presented on PAC97/99,EPAC98/00. Our approach is based on methods provided possibility to work with well-localized in phase space bases, which gives the most sparse representation for the general type of operators and good convergence properties. Consideration of Vlasov-Maxwell-Poisson models is based on a number of anzatzes, which reduce initial problems to a number of dynamical systems and on variational-wavelet approach to polynomial/rational approximations for nonlinear dynamics. This approach allows us to construct the solutions via nonlinear high-localized (eigen)mode expansions and control contribution from each scale of underlying multiscales. Especially we consider case of intense beam propagation.