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Antonina Fedorova and Michael Zeitlin

Info about us :

We work in Mathematical Methods in Mechanics Group ( MMM ),
Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering ( IPME ),
Russian Academy of Sciences ( RAS ), St. Petersburg , Russia
Michael G. Zeitlin is Head of MMM ( zeitlin@math.ipme.ru ),
Antonina N. Fedorova is a researcher ( anton@math.ipme.ru ),
you can find lectures (koi-8) of M.G.Zeitlin on
Mathematical Methods of Physics and his old papers on Strings/Conformal/Integrable Field Theories here.
Since 1993 our hobby has been Internet activity: we are (Unix) System Administrators for IPME.RU and IPME.NW.RU(mirror). Michael maintains management and security, Antonina does all things including Web (e-journals, mirrors etc)

But our main hobby is here.


Our research page contains prepreprints, preprints and papers on

" Localization, Patterns and all that via Local Nonlinear Harmonic Analysis in Nonlinear Problems: Accelerators/Beams/Plasma Physics, Quantum Physics"

Los Alamos preprints:

Brookhaven National Laboratory preprints:


Editors activity:

Summer School "Nonlinear Oscillations" (1996, 1997, 1998)

Full Report from EPAC2000

Source Files for EPAC2000
CodeLaTexPictures (eps)PostScriptPoster
MOP4A18 tex fig1, fig2, fig3, fig4 ps ps
THP7A10 tex fig1, fig2, fig3, fig4 ps ps
TUP2B16 tex fig1, fig2 ps ps
TUP2B17 tex fig1, fig2, fig3 ps ps
TUP2B18 tex fig1, fig2, fig3 ps ps
WEP6B13 tex fig1, fig2, fig3 ps ps

POSTER: timetable, P1.ps, P2.ps, P3.ps, P4.ps, P5.ps, P6.ps, P7.ps, P8.ps

Full Report from PAC99

Source Files for PAC99
CodeLaTexPictures (eps)PostScript
TUP61 TUP61.tex TUP61.eps TUP61.ps
THA135 THA135.tex THA135a.eps, THA135b.eps THA135.ps
THA136 THA136.tex THA136a.eps, THA136b.eps THA136.ps
THA137 THA137.tex THA137a.eps THA137.ps
THA138 THA138.tex THA138a.eps, THA138b.eps THA138.ps
TUP62 TUP62.tex   TUP62.ps
TUP63 TUP63.tex   TUP63.ps
THA139 THA139.tex   THA139.ps