Ermakov M.S. Publications

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2. Ermakov, M.S. (1990) Minimax detection of signal in Gaussian white noise. Th.Probab.Appl. v.35

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6. Ermakov, M.S. (1994) Minimax nonparametric hypothesis testing on a distribution density. Th.Probab.Appl. v.39.

7. Ermakov, M.S. (1995) Asymptotic minimaxity of tests of Kolmogorov and omega-square type. Th.Probab.Appl. v.40

8. Ermakov, M.S. (1996) Asymptotically minimax tests for testing complex nonparametric hypothesys. Problems of Information Transmitions. v.32.

9. Ermakov, M.S. (1996) On asymptotic minimaxity of Kolmogorov and omega-square tests. Statistics and Probability Letters. v.16.

10. Ermakov, M.S. (1997) Asymptotic minimaxity of chi-squared tests. Th.Probab. Appl. v.42.

11. Ermakov, M.S. (1999) On lower bound of exact asymptotic of large deviation probabilities of statistical estimators. Problems Inf. Transm. v.35.

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