Conferences in 1998

1. B.P.Harlamov. Asymptotic results in inverse first exit problem for Wiener process. Abstracts of communications, International Conference on Asymptotic Methods in Probability and Mathematical Statistics, St.Petersburg, Russia, June 24--28, 1998, 114-116

2. --- Asymptotic properties of first exit point distributions for diffusion processes. Abstracts of communications, 22nd European Meeting of Statisticians and 7th Vilnius Conference on Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Vilnius, Lithuania, August 12--18, 1998, 236--236

3. B.P.Harlamov, Continuous semi-Markov processes and their application to chromatography, Proceedings of the 2-nd International Symposium on Semi-Markov Models: Theory and Applications, Compiegne, Dec. 9-11, Universite de Compiegne, France, 1998, 251--255

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