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Hobby: Tchaikovsky : Life and Music 

Fundamental research on Tchaikovsky's biography and works is waiting for publication.

The author A. Budyakovsky, a famous Russian musical researher and writer perished during the Second World War. His work is the first Russian fundamental resear˝h on Tchaikovsky's life, musical activities and creative process based on documentary materials from Tchaikovsky's memorial house and museum in Klin and many other libraries and archives.

It is highly appreciated by leading musical experts. They stress the completeness of historical data, a thorough insight into the personality and works of the great composer.

A.Budyakovsky. Tchaikovsky. Life. Musical Activities. Works.

Contents of the book :

Volume 1 . Tchaikovsky's life.

280 pages.

Chapter 1. Childhood.


Chapter 2. Years of studying.


Chapter 3. Choice of profession.


Chapter 4. Formation of creative personality.


Chapter 5. Beginning of creative maturity.


Chapter 6. Change in way of life.


Chapter 7. Life devoted to creative work.


Chapter 8. Fall of creative activity and return to creation.


Chapter 9. Maidanovo. Return to musical activities.


Chapter 10. Triumphal concert tours over Europe. Frolovskoye.


Chapter 11. Klin. Last years of life.


Volume 2. Artistic views of Tchaikovsky.

100 pages.

Chapter 1. Tchaikovsky as musical critic.


Chapter 2. Aesthetics of Tchaikovsky.


Appendix 1. Tchaikovsky about music and composers.


Appendix 2. Tchaikovsky's library in Klin.


Volume 3. Creative process by Tchaikovsky.

80 pages.

Chapter 1. Main features of creative process by Tchaikovsky.


Chapter 2. Creative concept of a future musical work.


Chapter 3. Formation of musical image. Preliminary versions.


Chapter 4. Writing whole musical work in rough.


Appendix 1. Process creation of the opera "Orlean virgin".


Appendix 2. Process creation of the opera "Queen of Spade".


Volume 4. Musical style of Tchaikovsky.

140 pages.

Chapter 1. Tchaikovsky as national Russian composer.


Chapter 2. Problem of realism in Tchaikovsky's works.


Chapter 3. Harmony of Tchaikovsky.


Chapter 4. Melody of Tchaikovsky.


Chapter 5. Dramatic art of Tchaikovsky.


Volume 5. Works by Tchaikovsky.

100 pages.

Chapter 1. Symphony music.


Chapter 2. Chamber music.


Chapter 3. Theatre muisic. Operas Ballets.


Volume 6. Chronograph of Tchaikovsky's life and work on the background of social and cultural life in Russia in the second half of the XIX century.

125 tables.

The heirs of Budyakovsky will grant the copyright to everybody who can publish or finance the publication of this unique book.

Elena Andreevna Budyakovskya

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