Myasnikova Galina Ivanovna

Candidate of Technical sciences. E-mail:, tel. 7(812)217-81-85.

BIOGRAPHICAL She was born in 1940, married.
EDUCATION In 1975 she was finished the post-graduate course of the Institute of Information Transmission Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences and received degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences. Dissertation: "Iteration method of variation choice of logic control system of ship technical equipment at begining project stage".
PROFESSIONALšEXPERIENCE Science 1996 research and simulations in area using of neural networks. Tasks of neural networks using for monitoring of geometrical track quality.
1991-1996 Using of graph-model method for simulation and research of diagnostic system and CAD.
1977-1991 Senior scientific employee in area of designing of control and monitoring systems and its CADfor ships at Scientific&Production Association "Aurora", St-Petersburg.
1963-1977 Control systems of ship technical equipments at First Institute of Department of Defence. St-Petersburg.

The main last publications:

She is the author more then 50 scientific papers in area of systems analyses, diagnostic systems and CAD.

  1. DobrininV.Y., Myasnikova G.I., Solozhentcev E.D. Simulation process automation of diagnosing objects. Theory and information technology of safety simulation for complex systems. Edited by I.A.Ryabinin, Preprint 104,issue 2, IMSP,1994.
  2. Myasnikova G.I. Graph-models and neural networks in problems of diagnosing of technical and bank systems. Abstracts. The First International Conference “Instrument designing in the person ecology and safety”. Russia, St-Petersburg, 30 October-2 November, 1996. š
  3. Myasnicova G.I. Knowledge representation in diagnosing tasks of the experience areas with structured subspace. International conference of Informatics and Control. ICI&C.97. June 9-13, 1997. St-Petersburg, Russia