Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Materials
Current status of the laboratory ( Russian, English)

Laboratory was found year 1997.

  • Boris M. Ginzburg (Head)

    Dr. Phys.-Math. Sci., Prof. - head of the Lab.

    Tel.: (812) 321-47-83 office, (812) 230 77 11

    Fax : (812) 321-47-71

    E-mail: bmginzburg at

  • Aleksei O. Pozdnyakov
  • PhD of phys.-math. sci., dozent, senior sci. researcher;


  • Andrei A. Shepelevskii

    PhD of phys.-math. sci., senior sci. researcher;


  • David G. Tochil'nikov

    PhD of techn. sci., senior sci. researcher;


    1.1. Tribology of fullerene-containing materials.

    1.2. Thermal degradation of fullerene-containing polymer systems.

    1.3. Structural mechanics of polymer systems at molecular and supermolecular level.

    1.4. Structure and properties fullerene solutions.







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  • Direction 3:

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