Laboratory for Theory of Defects in Materials (LTDM)


Head:       Ilya Ovid'ko

Staff:         Ivan Archakov
                  Sergey Bobylev
                  Mikhail Gutkin
                  Anna Kolesnikova
                  Alexei Kraevski
                  Yuri Kumzerov
                  Kristina Mikaelyan
                  Anna Reizis
                  Alexander Sheinerman
                  Victor Semkin
                  Yuri Titovets

Students: Evgeni Baturin
                  Alexei Fedorov
                  Nikolai Skiba

The Laboratory for Theory of Defects in Materials focuses its research activity on the following scientific areas:

A. Theory of intergrain and interphase boundaries in nanostructured bulk materials and films.
B. Modeling of the effects of grain boundaries on high-TC superconductivity.
C. Theory of defects and plastic deformation processes in advanced (nanostructured, crystalline, composite, non-crystalline) materials.

Current Research Projects:

  1. Theoretical Modelling of Plastic Deformation, Fracture and Fatigue of Nanostructured Materials.
  2. Interface Structure, Diffusion and Related Phenomena in Nanostructured Materials.
  3. Defects, Intergrain and Interphase Boundaries in Nanostructured Metals and Alloys.
  4. Formation and Characterization of Disclination Structures under Extreme Deformation Conditions of Metallic Materials.
  5. The Effect of Grain Boundaries on High Transition Temperature Superconducting Properties of Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O (BSCCO)) Materials.

List of Selected Publications in 1999-2002:

  1. Monograph: Gutkin M.Yu. and Ovid'ko I.A., Defects and Plasticity Mechanisms in Nanostructured and Non-crystalline Materials (St.Petersburg, Yanus, 2001) (in Russian, koi8)
  2. I.A. Ovid'ko, Relaxation mechanisms in strained nanoislands, Phys.Rev.Lett. 88, N4 (2002) 046103 (1-4), (pdf, 95 Kb)
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Organizational Activities:

Participation in organization of the following international scientific meetings:
NATO Advanced Study Institute on Nanostructured Materials: Science and Technology 1997
Review Workshop on Nanoparticles and Nanostructures 1997
NATO Advanced Study Institute on Materials Science of Carbides, Nitrides and Borides 1998
ARW 99 Advanced Research Workshop on Nanostructured Films and Coatings 1999
AAIS 99   International Workshop on Applied Aspects of Interface Science 1999
ICMRD 2000 International Workshop on Interface Controlled Materials: Research and Design
STI-2002    TMS Annual Meeting, Seattle, Washington - USA, February 17-21, 2002
nternational Symposium on Science and Technology of Interfaces in Honor of Dr. Bhakta Rath

NATO Advanced Study Institute on Synthesis, Functional Properties and Applications of Nanostructures (Crete, Greece, 2002)
MRS Fall 2002 Symposium: Nanomaterials for Structural Applications (pdf)
(Boston, USA, December 2-6, 2002)

NN2003: the International Conference on "Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies", Crete, Greece from August 30, 2003 until September 6, 2003
MRS Fall 2003 Symposium NANO: MRS Symposium Q "Mechanical Properties of Nanostructured Materials and Nanocomposites", Boston, USA, December 1-5, 2003 (Call for Papers, pdf;   Guide for Abstract Submission, pdf)

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