Alexandre Zakharov

Office address

Laboratory of Micromechanics of Materials

Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering

V.O., Bol'shoy pr., 61, St.Petersburg 199178, Russia

Tel.: 7 (812) 3214764; Fax: 7 (812) 3214771




Current research interests

Most of my research is concerned with the statistical mechanics of several types of complex liquids such as liquid crystals, solutions of surfactants (i.e., amphiphillic molecules like soaps and lipids), and Langmuir -Blodgett films. It is an understatement to say that there is considerable current interest in these types of systems on fundamental grounds as well as for their technological and biological applications. These are "complex liquids" from the viewpoint of their chemical structures, which in turn give rise to very complicated intermolecular interactions that have to be dealt with in order to understand the collective behavior of these molecules in condensed phases.

Currently I am studying a number of topics in the theory of complex liquids, in connection with their equilibrium phase transitions, statistical structures, fluctuation phenomena, and interfacial behavior. Most of these studies involve standard statistical mechanical approaches such as various forms of mean-field theory (e.g., Landau theory, method of the conditional distribution functions or self-consistent field theory) and computer simulation methods.

To give an idea of my interests, here are descriptions of a few projects with some pictures, and references to the published or submitted work. They are on: bulk and surface-induced smectic ordering, tilt ordering in Langmuir monolayers, liquid-crystalline ordering in fluids of semiflexible molecules, and the phase behavior of liquid crystal confined in randomly interconnected porous media, such as aerosils.

Finally, here is a list of recent papers written by me and my collaborators. Some of them have links to the paper as a pdf file.