The Group "Mathematical Methods in Mechanics":

Our group was born in 1995 to promote research in a field of application of new mathematical methods to physical/mechanical problems and to organize and support Internet service in IPME.

Name Current Position Field of research E-mail address
Michael Zeitlin Head of Group Theoretical/Mathematical Physics
Nonlinear problems
Unix administrator
Antonina Fedorova Researcher Nonlinear problems
Numerical analysis
Unix administrator
Web mistress
Eduard Tropp Leading Researcher
IPME/Ioffe Phys.Tech.Inst.
Mathematical Physics  
Jacob Greenstein Assistant Professor
Mathematical Department
University of Geneva
Representation Theory
of Affine Lie Algebras
and Quantum Affine Algebras
Unix administrator
Alexander Smirnov System Administrator Hardware, Software, Microelectronics  
Alexey Sergeyev Researcher
Digital optical sensors, Fuzzy sensors,
Decision support Expert systems,
IT management and consulting
Hardware maintanance<

Last updated Jan 22, 2004