Russian Academy of Sciences

Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering

Laboratory of Methods and Systems of Automation

Vladimir V. Dubarenko

Personal Information

Affiliation and official address:

199178, St.Petersburg, Bolshoy pr. V.O., 61, Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering. Phone: +7-(812)-217-0963, e-mail:


Candidate of Science (Ph.D.) Degree in Radio electronics from the Research Institute of the Automation of the Production Proceses (Rostov-on-Don, USSR) awarded in June 1972 (PhD Thesis was supervised by Prof. Shaposhnikov)

Permament Employment:

Memberships and some awards:

Scientific Activities:

International collaboration:

Vice-chairman of Organizing Committee of International Conference on Physical Metrology Problems ( FIZMET )

Publications: A number of papers in scientific magazines; more than 20 communications to scientific meetings; more than 10 patents.

5 Selected publications:

  1. System of optimum control by a radiotelescope. //Chamber a space radar astronomial conference.
  2. A space radar astronomial equipment. " Aerials and methods ", Armenian Academy of Sciences SSR,. Institute of radiophysics and electronics, Erevan, 1982
  3. Method of auto scaling of a regulator of a digital control system real time. //Questions of radioelectronics. A series of EVT , issue 4, M., 1985
  4. Synthesis of a control system by the radar with digital controller. //Labour of Irkutsk university. Irkutsk ,1986
  5. About reduction of systems of the logic equations to linear sequential circuits. //Labour the first national conference with international participation on physical metrology problems " FIZMET-94, "Science ",. St.-Petersburg, 1995