Laboratory of Smart Electromechanical Systems

Research areas :
Theoretical studies of dynamic processes in Smart Electromechanical Systems (SEMS)
Mathematical and computer modeling of SEMS
Hardware and software of the Central nervous system SEMS
Optimal control of SEMS in terms of not a complete certainty
Algebraic methods of processing sensory and semantic data and the logical conclusion

Head laboratory:
Gorodetskiy Andrey Emelyanovich

The laboratory staff:
Vladimir V. Dubarenko
Boris A. Kulik
Andrey Ju. Kuchmin
Irina L. Tarasova
Vugar G. Kurbanov
Alexandr D. Breki
Vladimir A. Ronzun

Laboratory of Smart Electromechanical Systems
Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering
Russian Academy of Sciences
V.O., Bol'shoy Pr., 61
St. Petersburg, 199178
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