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  • the phone at the laboratory - +7 (812) 217 0963
  • the fax at the institute - +7 (812) 217 8614 - the fax message should be marked "To the MSA laboratory for Mr./Mrs. ..."
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    Scientific Activities
    How to contact
    Dr. of Science, Prof. Andrei E. Gorodetsky The head of the laboratory   e-mail:
    Dr. Vladimir V. Dubarenko The senior researcher   e-mail:
    Dr. Vugar G. Kurbanov The senior researcher   e-mail:
    Dr. Alexey G. Sergeyev The senior researcher Optical digital sensors, adopted measuring channels, navy expert systems e-mail:
    Dr. Irina L. Tarasova The senior researcher Optoelectronic recognition of objects e-mail:
    Dr. of Science Michael E. Kompan The leading researcher   e-mail:
    Alexei V. Minayev A researcher   e-mail: