MSE. Laboratory of Material Science and Engineering

Institute of Problem of Mechanical Engineering

V.O., Bolshoy pr.,61, St.Petersburg 199178, Russia

Tel.: +7 (812) 5527660; Fax: +7(812)3214771


Members of the laboratory

Prof. Yuri F. Titovets (head ). E-mail: Phone: +7(812)5527660

Dr. Vadim A. Tchelnokov

Dr. Nikolay Yu. Zolotorevskii

Ing. Alexei V. Stepanov


Laboratory of Material Science and Engineering was found at 2003 and will focus its research activity on the following scientific areas

A. Application of internal friction, acoustic emission and X-ray techniques for study of microcracks growth, diagnostics and testing of structures and properties of alloys.

B.        Development of physical and computer models for optimization of industry processing technology of traditional and advanced materials.


Main publications ( publications.doc)