Boris N. Semenov



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Tel: + 7 (812) 4286989

Fax: + 7 (812) 4286989

E-mail: semenov at

Address: V.O., Bolshoy pr., 61, St. Peters­burg, 199178, Russia, IPME RAS

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Position in IPME RAS:

Senior Researcher of Laboratory for Mathematical Modelling of Wave Phenomena

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Professional activity:

  • 1964–1970 — Student of Leningrad State University, Leningrad

  • Since 1970 — Engineer, Senior Engineer, Senior Researcher, Associate professor of the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics at St. Peters­burg (Leningrad) State University, St. Peters­burg

  • since 2000 — Senior Researcher of Hydroelasticity Laboratory at the Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Scientific interests:

  • Mechanics of deformable solids

  • Fracture mechanics

  • Problems of stability

  • Theory of non-linear wave processes in elastic and elastic-acoustic media with inclisions

  • Nanomechanics


  • GAMM

  • ESIS


Associate Professor of the Elasticity Theory Department at Mathematical Mechanical Faculty of St. Peters­burg State University


  • Metod of finite elements

  • Special problems of nanomechanics

  • Mechanics of deformable nanomaterials

  • Tensors in mechanics

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Selected recent publications:

  • Indeitsev, D.A., Abramyan, A.K., Bessonov, N.M., Mochalova, Yu.A., Semenov, B.N. Motion of the exfoliation boundary during localization of wave processes. Doklady Physics. 2012. Vol. 57. № 4. P. 179–182.

  • Indeitsev, D.A., Semenov, B.N., Sterlin, M.D. The phenomenon of localization of diffusion process in a dynamically deformed solid. Doklady Physics. 2012. Vol. 57. № 4. P. 171–173.

  • Бауэр С.Н., Морозов Н.Ф., Семенов Б.Н. Задача Кирша и смежные проблемы. Упругость и неупругость. с. 27–33, Москва, МГУ. 2016 г.

  • Земцова Е.Г., Монин А.В., Смирнов В.М., Семенов Б.Н., Морозов Н.Ф. Создание керамических композиционных материалов. Физическая мезомеханика. 2016. Т. 19, № 3, С. 58–68.

  • Kochnev A.S., Morozov N.F., Ovid’ko I.A., Semenov B.N. Deformation and Fracture in Graphene with Divacancies of the 555–777 Type. Doklady Physics. 2016. Vol. 61. No. 8. P. 403–406.

  • Semenov B.N., Smirnov I.V., Sud'enkov Yu.V. Optoacoustic Investigations of Mechanical Properties of Ultrafine-grained Aluminum AD1 after Severe Plastic Deformation by Torsion and Thermal Treatment. Rev. Adv. Mater. Sci. (RAMS) 2016. Vol. 45. No. 1/2. P. 52–58.

  • Kochnev A.S., Morozov N.F., Ovid'ko I.A., Semenov B.N. Deformation and Fracture Processes in Graphene Nanoribbons with Linear Quadrupoles of Disclinations. Doklady Physics. 2016. Vol. 61. No. 5. P. 239–242.