Andrei K. Abramian


Abramian (Abramyan)

Given name:

Andrei (Andrey)

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Tel: + 7 (812) 3212470

Fax: + 7 (812) 3214771

E-mail: andabr55 at

Address: V.O., Bolshoy pr., 61, St. Peters­burg, 199178, Russia, IPME RAS

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Position in IPME RAS:

Principal investigator

Laboratory for Mathematical Modelling of Wave Phenomena

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Professional activity:

1969–1975 — Student of Polytechnical Institute, Leningrad

1975–1978 — Engineer, Central Shipbuilding Research Institute named after academician A.N. Krylov

1978–1987 — Researcher, Head of Experimental Laboratory, Naval Engineering College, Leningrad

1986 — Ph.D in Solid Mechanics

since 1987 — Senior Researcher, Hydroelasticity Laboratory at the Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences

1990–2002 — Scientific Secretary of IPME RAS

1995 — Academic degree of D.Sc. (Habil) in Mechanics of Solids

since 2002 — Principal Investigator at the Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences

International collaboration:

1999 — University of Michigan, Ford Research Lab Fellowship, USA, visiting investigator

2001–2013 — Delft University of Technology, Department of Applied Mathematics, Civil Engineering department, TU Delft visiting researcher, NWO, NATO Fellowship

2003, 2016 — University of Karlsruhe, ITM, DAAD grant, visiting Professor

Scientific interests:

  • Non-linear dynamics. Rain-wind induced vibration

  • Wave localization in elastic structures and hydroelastic systems.

  • Modeling and analysis of non-linear oscillations

  • Thin films destruction

  • Fluid flow in nanochannels

  • Impact, shock-wave processes in continuous medium


  • GAMM


Dissertation councils:

“Mechanics of deformable solids” at IPME RAS and Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University

Journal referee:

  • Journals of Nonlinear Science

  • Nonlinear Dynamics

  • Journal of Sound and Vibration


Professor of the Elasticity Theory Department at Mathematical Mechanical Faculty of St. Peters­burg State University


Mechanics of Solids, Theory of Elasticity

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Selected publications:

  • A. Abramian, S. Vakulenko, D. Indeiytsev, N. Bessonov, Destruction of thin films with damaged substrate as a result of waves localization, Acta Mechanica, 2015, 226(2), 295–309.

  • A.K. Abramian, N.M. Bessonov, L.V. Mirantsev, N.A. Reinberg, Influence of liquid environment and bounding wall structure on fluid flow through carbon nanotubes, Physics Letters A, 2015, 379, 1274–1282.

  • A.K. Abramian, W.T. van Horssen, S.A. Vakulenko, On oscillations of a beam with a small rigidity and a time-varying mass, Nonlinear Dynamics, 2014, 78(1), 449–459.

  • A.K. Abramian, W.T. van Horssen, S.A. Vakulenko, Nonlinear oscillations of a beam with time-varying rigidity and mass, Nonlinear Dynamics, 2013, 71(1-2), 291–312.

  • A.K. Abramian, D.A. Indeitsev, Fluid flow control in micro and nanochannels, Key Engineering Materials, 2013, 528, 45–50.

  • A.K. Abramian, W.T. van Horssen, S.A. Vakulenko, Oscillations of a string on an elastic foundation with space and time-varying rigidity, Nonlinear Dynamics, December 2016, DOI: 10.1007/s11071-016-3261-8.

  • D.A. Indeitsev, A.K. Abramyan, et al., Motion of the exfoliation boundary during localization of wave processes, Doklady Physics, 2012, 57(4), 179–182.

  • A.K. Abramian, S.A. Vakulenko, D.A. Indeitsev, Influence of dynamic processes in a film on damage development in an adhesive base, Mechanics of Solids, 2012, 47(5), 498–504.

  • A.K. Abramian, S.A. Vakulenko, Oscillations of a beam with a time-varying mass, Nonlinear Dynamics, 2011, 63(1-2), 135–147.

  • А.К. Абрамян, Д.А. Индейцев, Н.М. Бессонов, Влияние структуры ограничивающих стенок на течение жидкости в наноканалах, Изв. РАН. Механика твёрдого тела, 2010, 3, 87–99.