Ph. D. Alexandr G. Ambrok

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Institute for Problems of Mechanical Engineering, V.O., Bolshoy pr. 61 St. Petersburg, 199178, Russia

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Master Degree in chemistry was received from Chemistry Faculty of Leningrad State University in 1977.

Ph. D. degree in Physical Chemistry was received from Leningrad Technological Institute in 1993.



Field of scientific interests



Main publications



1.Shear viscosity in binary system with spinodal. Kalashnikov E.V., Ambrok A.G. Technical Physics Letters.1998,V.24, 22 P.58-63 (in Russian)

2.Temperature-concentration dependence of the correlation length of concentrations in liquid binary systems. Kalashnikov E.V., Ambrok A.G. Tech.Phys.Lett. 1997, 23, 2, p.124-125(in Russian)

3.Formation of Interface in Binary Melts. Ambrok A.G., Kalashnikov E.V. RASPLAVY, 1997, 4, p.41-50. (in Russian).

4.Concentracional Instability of the Interface. Ambrok A.G.,Kalashnikov E.V. In book: "Growth of Crystals", Givargisov E.I., Ginzburg S.A. 1992, 18, N.Y., Consultants Bureau


Dr. Ambrok is the member of 2 Grant Projects.