Dr. Dmitry A. Grigoriev

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Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering, V.O., Bolshoy pr. 61 St. Petersburg, 199178, Russia

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Master Degree was received from Technological University St. Petersburg in physical chemistry (1992)

Ph.D.was received in Physics from Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering St. Petersburg (1997)


Field of scientific interests



S.A.Kukushkin, D.A. Grigoriev. Crystallization of multi-component melts under nonuniform conditions. J. Phys. Chem. Solids. 59 (5), pp. 769-776, 1998.

D.A.Grigoriev and S.A.Kukushkin. Mechanisms and kinetics initial stages of films growth by CVD-method. Tech. Phys. 68 (7), pp.111-117, 1998

S.A. Kukushkin, D.A. Grigoriev. Theory of late-stage island films growth from eutectic composition melts. Growth of Crystals, 104-112 .1999

S.A. Kukushkin, D.A. Grigoriev. Theory of late-stage crystallization of eutectic melts. Phys. Solid State 38 (4), pp. 698-702, 1996.


The Secretary of Organizing Committee of International Workshop Nucleation and Non-Linear Problems in the First-Order Phase Transitions (NPT'98)

June, 1998,
St. Petersburg,

The member of organizing Committee of NATO ASI Material Science Carbides Nitrides and Borides

August, 1998
St. Petersburg,



Took part in Fifth Williamsburg Workshop on First-Principles Calculations for Ferroelectrics (oral presentation)



February, 1998
Colonial Williamsburg, VA, USA

Conference Cluster - Surface Interactions: Fundamentals
(oral presentation)

May, 1998 Cargese (Corsica), France


Dr. Grigoriev is the member of two projects.