Doctor of Science Evgenii V. Kalashnikov

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Institute for Problems of Mechanical Engineering, V.O., Bolshoy pr. 61 St. Petersburg, 199178, Russia

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Master degree in quantum electronic was received from Radiotecnical Faculty of Kasan Aircraft Institute in 1973

Ph.D (1985) degree in Solid State Physics was received from St.-Petersburg Ioffe Physical Technical Institute and Dr. of Science degree (1995) in Solid State Physics was received from Institute for Problem of Mechanical Engineering (Acad. of Science, St.-Petersburg).

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Main publications


1.Shear viscosity in binary system with spinodal. Kalashnikov E.V., Ambrok A.G. Technical Physics Letters.1998,V.24, No.22 P.58-63 (in Russian)

2.. Thermodynamically unstable states in eutectic systems, Kalashnikov E.V. Tech.Phys. 1997,42, N4, p.330-335( in Russian).

3. Temperature-concentration dependence of the correlation length of concentrations in liquid binary systems. Kalashnikov E.V., Ambrok A.G. Tech.Phys.Lett. 1997, 23,N 2, p.124-125(in Russian)

4. Fluctuation Inhomogeneity and Viscosity of Glass-form Melts. Tver'yanovich Yu.S., Kalashnikov E.V., Il'chenko O.V., Ambrok A.G. Glass Physics and Chemistry. 1996, 22, N3, p.219-224.

5. Temperature-Composition Dependence of the Bandgap and Possible Non-complanar Structures in GaN-AlN, GaN-InN, InN-AlN Mixed Crystals. Kalashnikov E.V., Nikolaev V.I. MRS Internet Jornal of Nitride semiconductor Research.1997, 2, art.3.

6. Formation of Interface in Binary Melts. Ambrok A.G., Kalashnikov E.V. RASPLAVY, 1997, N4, p.41-50. (in Russian).

7. Critical Phenomena in Glassforming Melts of Ge-Te and As-Te systems. Kalashnikov E.V., Tver'yanovich Yu.S.,Il'chenko O.V. RASPLAVY, 1996, N5, p.80-84 (in Russian).

8.Laser Evaporation of Metals at a Critical Temperature . Bugaev A.A., Kalashnikov E.V., Kantor M.Yu., Stancevich A.L. Sov.Phys.Solid State. 1994, 34. N3, p.429-431.

9. Cocentrational Instability of the Interface". Ambrok A.G.,Kalashnikov E.V. In book: "Growth of Crystals", Givargisov E.I., Ginzburg S.A. 1992, 18, N.Y., Consultants Bureau

10. Exciting of Periodically Spaced structure in Liquid State For Decomposed Systems. Kalashnikov E.V., Gangjerly N.M., Maurer I.A. Tech.Phys.Lett. 1989, .15,N 4, p.87-90 (in Russian).


The member of Organizing Committee of International Workshop

June, 1998,
St. Petersburg,

Visiting scientist at Ford Scientific Laboratory, MI, USA

February -August, 1999-


 Dr. Kalashnikov is the leader member of 2 Grant Projects.