Ph. D. Alexey V. Sokolov

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Institute for Problems of Mechanical Engineering, V.O., Bolshoy pr. 61 St. Petersburg, 199178, Russia

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The Master degree in radiophysics (1974) was received from Physical Faculty of Leningrad State University

 Ph.D degree in Physical Mathematical Sciences (1988) was received from Chemical Physics Institute (Chernogolovka). Senior Scientist diploma in heatphysics was received in 1990.

Scientific interests  

Main publications

1.S.A.Kukushkin, A.V. Sokolov Semi-organization diffusion growth of nuclei from eutectic melts(1998) Phys. State Solids V. 40,No10 P.1615-1618(in Russian)

2. A.V. Sokolov (1985) The mechanism of bubble ignition and combustion Physics of combustion and exhaustion