Ph. D. Anna. A Vakulenko

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Institute for Problems of Mechanical Engineering, V.O., Bolshoy pr. 61 St. Petersburg, 199178, Russia

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Master Degree was received in mechanics (1979) from Mechanical and Mathematical Faculty of Leningrad State University.

Ph.D Degree in Mathematical and Physical Sciences (1985) were received from Mechanical and Mathematical Faculty of Leningrad State University.

Scientific interests

Main publications

1.Anna Vakulenko, Serge Kukushkin, Kinetics of brittle fracture of elastic materials (1998), J. Physics of the Solid State, .40, N7, 1147-1150

2. Anna Vakulenko. Fatigue life assessment of 0.8%C spray-formed steel (1998), Materials science and engineering. A251, 157-165p.

3. Anna Vakulenko, Dawn White, Dan Wilkozs (1996) Predicting the fatigue life of 0.8C spray formed steel. FRL Report 96-010, Dearborn, 32p.

4. Sergei Petinov, Helena Polezhayeva, Alexandr Frumen, Anna Vakulenko (1997) A post-accident study of tanker's structural damage.Ship technology research, 44,N3.

5. Sergei Petinov, Anna Vakulenko, Helena Polezhayeva (1994) A stochastical model of fatigue crack growth. Ship Technology Research 41,N4,105-110.

6. Anna Vakulenko (1990) Definition of heterogeneous field of damage during high creep of metal. Trans. of Boiler and Turbine Research Institute.N 7 90-94(in Russian).

7. A.A. Vakulenko, V.Ya. Kreinovich (1989) Physics-geometrics investigation of brittle fracture during creep.Journal of Applied Mechanics, 53, N.5 660-665p. (Russian)

8. Y. Dushin, N.Medvedev, A.Vakulenko (1988) Unsteady creep of steel at different temperature. Strength Problems. N10,54-57.(in Russian)

9. Vladik Krejnovich, Anna Vakulenko (1987) Geometrical model of creep fracture. Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 51 N2. 341-345 (in Russian).

10. A. Vakulenko (1984) Description of random service-life of metal due to high-temperature creep. Strength Problems N10,23-27(in Russian).

Anna Vakulenko is the leader of Lab in strength of materials .