Dr. Alexander V. Shapurko


Address:      61 Bolshoy Ave, V.O., St. Petersburg 199178, Russia,

          Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems

( Russian Academy of Sciences)

Tel.:   +7(812) 321-47-77 (work) +7(812) 961-99-15 (mobile)    

E-mail: avsh@rrm.ipme.ru (work), avsh@nwgsm.ru (mobile)

URL:    http://www.ipme.ru/ipme/labs/rrm/shapurko.htm


Professional Experience

1993-Present,Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems (RAS)

Research Scientist, Senior Research Scientist, Head of Laboratory.

Visible results: 8 inventions, more then 20 publications

General areas of activity:

        Participation in R&D projects related to solid state chemistry, physics and materials science in the USA, Mexico and Russia simultaneously.

        Technical consulting and troubleshooting for industrial companies in area related to engineerin);

Project examples:

        Electrochemical gas sensors R&D with Ford Motor Company, USA, 2000-2003

- Developed theory and application of Transient Mode Processing Technique ;

- Developed theory and application of Pressure Modulation Technique( PMT)      for gas sensors ;

-    Developed totally new apparatus for implementation of PMT

-    Developed concept of new generation of sensors – “transient” sensors

-    Participated in several projects related to sensors simultaneously.

        Leak Monitoring System (LMS) R&D with CICESE (Research Center), Mexico, 1999- 2002.

-    Developed sensor part of the system according specifications

-    Conducted feasibility study of new LMS launch for oil industry in Russia

-    Developed new concept of LMS as integral part of production management system

        Materials development and characterization for optical devices, Northeast Photosciences, USA 1996-1997

 -  Developed polymer composition and its modifications for gluing optical    parts according customer’s specifications


MBA ,Leti-Lovanium International School of Management, St-Petersburg,Russia,( founded by Universite Catholique de Louvain, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium) and St.Petersburg Electrotechnical University ,)2001

PhD in Engineering , Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems ( Russian Academy of Sciences) , 1995

MS, Radiation Chemistry, St. Petersburg Institute of Technology (Technical University) (former Leningrad Lensovet Institute of Technology), 1982


        Special American Business Internship Training (SABIT) Program,

         University of Michigan-Dearborn, USA (6 month program), 2000

        Intellectual Property Management, The State Higher Continuous Education Courses for Professional Improvement of Managers, Engineers and Scientists (9 month program), Russia,1990.

Publications, Presentations and Inventions. Examples:

1.      A.V. Shapurko, K.E. Nietering, and R.E. Soltis “Transient Mode Processing Technique: Theory and Application “, Oral presentation at 203th Meeting of The ECS, 2003,Paris, France.

2.      A.V. Shapurko, K.E. Nietering, and R.E. Soltis “Identification of Limiting Factors for the Mass Transport Process through a Solid Body”, Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry, Vol. 77, Suppl. 1, 2003, pp. S171-175.

3.      A.V. Shapurko, K.E. Nietering, and R.E. Soltis “Identification of Critical Processes in Solid State Gas Sensors”, Proceeding/Oral presentation at 200th Meeting of The ECS, 2001

4.      R.E.Soltis, K.E.Nietering and A.V.Shapurko "A Measurement of Mass Transport Processes Utilizing Pressure Modulation Technique". Oral presentation at 103NDAnnual Meeting of The American Ceramic Society, 2001

5.      A.A. Vakulenko, S.A.Kukushkin, A.V. Shapurko "Kinetics of Pore Formation of Crystals with Cesium Chloride Structure". Physics of the Solid State, vol.43, pp.261-264, 2001

6.      A.V Shapurko. " Bromine Production Method " , Russian .patent 1775497.

Honors and Awards:

        Selected for AAAS & SABIT seminars “Technologies Commercialization”

        Got special acknowledgement letter from Dr. F.Javier Mendieta, CICESE Director General

        Pictured in Ford Motor Company brochure “Technology and Environmental Programs”

        Selected for Special American Business Internship Training Program (SABIT) at University of Michigan-Dearborn, USA

        Won second prize in open competition of technical solutions of "NOVOSHIP" company "Reduction of marine contamination.


Sergey Kukushkin, Professor, Head of Laboratory, Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems RAS, Russia,

Jacques Ludman,    PhD, President, Northeast Photosciences, USA,

Richard Soltis,         PhD, Principal Scientist, Ford Motor Company, USA.