Professor Sergei V. Petinov

Head of Laboratory of Strength & Reliability of Structures


Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering
Russian Academy of Sciences
Laboratory of Strength and Reliability of Structures
V.O., Bolshoj pr., 61
St. Petersburg, 199178
Phone : 7(812) 321-4774
Fax : 7(812) 321-4771
E-mail: sergei.petinov at

Birth date & place:

April 3, 1935
Leningrad, Soviet Union ( presently: St.Petersburg, Russia)

Fields of Research:

Basics of fatigue of materials and structures.
Structural mechanics / fatigue mechanics - fatigue analysis and design of ship and marine structures.


1958 Research engineer, Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute.
1967 Ph. D (Candidate of Sci. Techn.),Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute.
1984 Dr. Sci. (Techn.),Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute.

Work / Teaching Experience:

1958-1964 - Senior research engineer, Naval Research Institute, Leningrad.
Principal topics: wave loads on ship hull and hull vibrations, acoustics of hull structures.
1964-1967 - Postgraduate student, Len. Shpb. Institute.
The thesis subject: Low-cycle and random load fatigue of hull structures.
1967-1969 - Senior research engineer, Len. Shpb. Institute.
Work field: fatigue design of hull structures
1969-up to now - Lecturer, ass. professor, professor.

1975-1976 - P-d fellow, Institute of Ship Structures, Norwegian High Techn. School (NTH), Trondheim, Noway.
Work field: Fatigue / Fracture mechanics of hull structures.
1983/1986 - Visiting professor, Institute of Marine Structures, Rostock University, Germany.
Topic: Basics of fatigue mechanics and application in hull design.
1992 - Research professor, Institute of Shipbuilding, University of Hamburg.
Research topic: Inelasic strain energy approach in fatigue.
1996 - Visiting professor, College of Engineering, Alabama University, Tuscaloosa, USA.
Topic: Mechanisms and mechanics of structural failure.
1997 - Visiting professor, Marine Research Institute, Wuxi, China.
Topics: Fatigue mechanics of ship and marine structures.

Teaching Subjects:

Structural mechanics of ships.
Theory of elasticity.
Ship hull structural design.
Ship hull vibration.
Dynamics of marine structures (in English).
Basics of fatigue mechanics of hull structures (since 1973).
Experimental mechanics.
In-service reliability of marine structures.
Hull structural design of dynamically-supported ships.

Recent Publications:

A Comparative Study of Ship Hull Structures Fatigue Assessment Methods / Petinov S.V., Polezhaeva, N.S.Yermolaeva (1992). Fatigue Design 1992, International Symposium, Helsinki, Sept.2-5

Stochastic Model of Fatigue Crack Growth / Petinov S.V., Polezhaeva H.A., Vakulenko A.A. Ship Technology Research / Schiffstechnik, Vol.41, No.3, 1994

Towards the Proper Correction of the Design Fatigue Curves in Fatigue Design of Ship Hull and Marine Structural Details / Petinov S.V., Letova T.I. (1996). ISOPE-96, International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference, May, 1996, Los Angeles

The Adjustment of S-N Curves in Fatigue Strength Assessment of Marine Structures/ Petinov S.V., Letova T.I., Yermolaeva N.S., Thayamballi A. (1996). POLARTECH-96: International Conference on Development and Commercial Utilization of Technologies in Polar Regions. September, 1996, St.Petersburg

Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation: An Inelastic Strain Energy Approach / Petinov S.V. (1996). ISOPE-96: International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference, 1996, Los Angeles

A Post-accident Study of a Tanker Structural Damage / Petinov S.V., Polezhaeva H.A., Frumen A.I., Vakulenko. Ship Technology Research (Schiffstechnik), Band 44, Heft 3, Juli 1997