Laboratory of Strength & Reliability
of Structures

Fields of research:

Strength and reliability of structures: Dimensioning, Fatigue mechanics and Fatigue design of marine structures.

Fatigue mechanics of structural materials: Development of the inelasic strain energy approach to fatigue process; Numerical modeling of cyclic microplasticity of structural materials and high-cycle fatigue based on experimental studies.

Fatigue of Structures: Development of principles of modeling fatigue of structures based on principles of similitude and identity of fatigue damage- Application to fatigue assessment of ship structures.

Mechanisms and mechanics of structural failure: Case studies; Studies of instability and post-buckling behavior of plate elements with initial deflections and cut-outs; Modeling of effects of residual welding stress on fatigue of structures.

Members of the laboratory:

Prof. Sergei V. Petinov (Head of the Lab.)

Prof. Karen G. Abramyan

Prof. Alexander M. Linkov

Dr. Vadim F. Koshelev

Dr. Tatyana I. Letova

Dr. Natalya S. Yermolaeva

Dr. Garry N. Zabawsky


Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering
Russian Academy of Sciences
Laboratory of Strength and Reliability of Structures
V.O., Bolshoj pr., 61
St. Petersburg, 199178
Phone : 7(812) 321-4774
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