N.S. Yermolaeva

Natalya S. Yermolaeva

Senior Researcher


Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering
Russian Academy of Sciences
Laboratory of Strength and Reliability of Structures
V.O., Bolshoj pr., 61
St. Petersburg, 199178
Phone : 7(812) 321-4774
Fax : 7(812) 321-4771
E-mail: nata@mech.ipme.ru

Research Activities:

Fatigue of structural materials.

Fatigue of ship structures.

Cyclic and program testing of aluminium alloys and structural steels.

Computer modeling of structural fatigue.

Computer modeling of damage accumulation at the random loading.

Energy and strain criteria of fatigue damage of a material under random loading evaluation.

Analysis of crack propagation in nonuniform stress field.

Modeling of the expert system which has been used in development of on-board control systems for ships.

Development of software for correction of design fatigue curves under contract from American Bureau of Shipping.

Improvement in professional areas:

Study the fatigue behavior of structural materials under conditions of strain control in random sequences.

Complete the load-history-sensitive fatigue model based on aluminium alloy tests by different structural materials.

Apply the inelastic strain energy approach and local strain approach in conjunction with load-history-sensitive concept in analysis of fatigue of mechanical structures.

Apply the developed software of accumulated plastic strain energy calculation as the base in modeling of fatigue under random, narrow-band and wide-band, loading histories.

Develop the inelastic strain energy criteria with consideration of fatigue damage at microscopic level.


1982 Dipl.Eng. in Static and Dynamic Analysis of Structures, Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute (LSI) presently Marine Technical University, St.Petersburg
1990 Ph.D (candidate of Sci.Tech.), Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute
Dissertation theme was: "The investigation of elastic-plastic deformation and failure of material under irregular loading"

Work Experience:

1982 - 1987 Mechanical engineer, Ship Machinery Res.Inst., Leningrad
1985 - 1988 Postgraduate student, Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute
1989 - 1993 Junior researcher , Inst. of Problems of Mechanical Engineering
1993 - 1995 Researcher, Inst. of Problems of Mechanical Engineering
Since 1995 Senior researcher, Inst. of Problems of Mechanical Engineering

Recent publications:

The representative cyclic diagram in fatigue assessment of aluminium alloys (with Petinov S., Polezhaeva H.) / Strength and Corrosion of Hull Structures, Central Research Marine Research Inst., St.Petersburg, 1992, p.33-41 (in Russian)

Fatigue evaluation of ship hull structures in strength monitoring system (with Petinov S.) // Sudostroenie, No.8-9, 1992, p.10-12 (in Russian)

A comparative study of ship hull structures fatigue assessment methods (with Petinov S. and Polezhaeva) // VTT Symposium 130, Fatigue Design 1992, Vol.1, Technical Research Centre of Finland, ESPOO, 1992, p.229-244

Load-History Sensitive Cyclic Curve Concept in Random Load Fatigue Life Predictions (with Petinov S.) // Ship Technology Research /Schiffstechnik, Vol.40, No.2, 1993, p.107-111

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The Adjustment of S-N Curves in Fatigue Strength Assessment of Marine Structures (with Petinov S.V., Letova T.I., Thayamballi A. (1996). POLARTECH-96: International Conference on Development and Commercial Utilization of Technologies in Polar Regions. September, 1996, St.Petersburg