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Anatoly Isakovich Lurie

A.I. Lurie

Anatoly I. Lurie (19 July 1901 - 12 February 1980) was born in Mogilev (Belorussia). He was an outstanding scientist in the field of rational mechanics and theory of control processes. Graduated from Faculty of Physics and Mechanics of Leningrad Politechnic Institute (1925), D.Sc. in technical sciences (1933), Professor (1929), a Member of Academy of Sciences of USSR (1961). A member of the National Committee of USSR on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. A Head of Department in the Leningrad Politechnic Institute. A consulting Professor in the Central Institute of Boilers and Turbines. A.I. Lurie made a great contribution into development of mechanics and theory of control processes in Russia, in particular, into the theory of the spacecrafts control. A.I. Lurie was a brilliant teacher, and his students, many of whom became well-known scientists now, keep grateful recollections of him. A.I. Lurie was an author of fundamental works in the field of theory of elastic media and structures. His investigations advanced the operator approach in the control of systems with distributed parameters. His monograph "Some nonlinear problems of the automatic regulation theory" (1951) had a great value for the development of control theory. He made a great contribution in the theory of stability, and also in methods of description of control systems. In his works the ideas of classical mechanics were naturally united with up-to-date technical problems. For exaple, his remarkable monography "Analytical mechanics" (1961) includes developments in the cosmic dynamics, results in the theory of optimal control and in the theory of nonlinear elasticity.

A.I. Lurie is an author of 8 monographies, including

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