No 1, Vol. 3, 2001 


Yu. Ryabkov¹, P. Istomin¹ and N.Chezhina²

1 Institute of Chemistry of the Komi Science Center,
Ural Division of RAS,
Pervomaiskaya, 48 Syktyvkar, 167982, Russia
2 Saint-Petersburg State University,
Universitetskaya nab. 7/9, St-Petersburg, 199034, Russia


The titanium carbide-silicide Ti3SiC2 phase with crystal lattice formed by alternative structural blocks with the block thickness in the order of 1 nm, for the first time, is fabricated by the method based on the joint carbo-thermal reduction of titanium and silicon oxides and high temperature processing of titanium carbide in SiO vapors. It is experimentally revealed that the Ti3SiC2 compound (treated as a layered nanocomposite) ehxibits the unique combination of properties which are non-typical for conventional ceramic materials. In particular, the crystal structure and chemical transformations showed an increase in the paramagnetic component of magnetic susceptibility, which can be attributed to titanium (III). It is found that the titanium carbide-silicide phase with layered structure has antiferromagnetic properties. The well-known method of magnetochemical control over the state of paramagnetic atoms in oxygen lattices is applied, for the first time, to titanium carbide-silicide phase. The obtained data can be used as the basis of a new method to control either the formation of layered titanium carbide-silicide phase or the monoxide silicon content in various physical and chemical processes.

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