Rev.Adv.Mater.Sci. (RAMS)
No 1, Vol. 18, 2008, pages 30-36


Marcello Baricco, Mauro Palumbo, Marta Satta and Gabriele Cacciamani


A thermodynamic analysis of glass-formation in binary Cu-Mg and Cu-Zr alloys has been carried out. To this purpose, the thermodynamic assessment of binary systems has been reviewed and suitable thermodynamic models for undercooled liquid alloys and for glass transition have been selected. Various binary Cu-Mg compositions have been prepared and amorphous samples have been obtained by rapid solidification. Experimental results both on equilibrium and non-equilibrium phases have been used in the assessment procedure. New parameters have been introduced in order to describe the liquid/amorphous phase. The agreement between calculated thermodynamic quantities and corresponding experimental data has been significantly improved. From calculated thermodynamic functions of Cu-Mg and Cu-Zr systems, driving forces for nucleation of various intermetallic phases have been estimated as a function of temperature and composition.

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