RAMS e-journal
No 1/2, Vol. 22, 2009  

Contents (pdf, 8 Kb)

  1. R.A. Andrievski
    Synthesis, Structure and Properties of Nanosized Silicon Carbide
    pages 1-20
    abstract    pdf (880 Kb)
  2. Gy. Kakuk, I. Zsoldos, Á. Csanády and I. Oldal
    Cobtributions to the Modelling of the Milling Process in a Planetary Ball Mill
    pages 21-38
    abstract    pdf (320 Kb)
  3. S.V. Bobylev and I.A. Ovid'ko
    Mobility of Triple Junctions of Grain Boundaries during Their Migration in Deformed Nanocrystalline Materials
    pages 39-51
    abstract    pdf (174 Kb)
  4. P.H. Yannakopoulos, G.E. Zardas, G.J. Papaioannou, Ch.I. Symeonides, M. Vesely and P.C. Euthymiou
    Behaviour of Semi-Insulating GaAs Energy Levels
    pages 52-59
    abstract    pdf (134 Kb)
  5. Ana Fernández-Osorio, América Vázquez-Olmos, Roberto Sato-Berru and Roberto Escudero
    Hydrothermal Synthesis of Co3O4 Nano-Octahedra and Their Magnetic Properties
    pages 60-66
    abstract    pdf (336 Kb)
  6. Efrain Rubio, Ventura Rodriguez-Lugo, Rogelio Rodriguez and Victor M. Castaño
    Nano Zirconia and Sulfated Zirconia from Ammonia Zirconium Carbonate
    pages 67-73
    abstract    pdf (560 Kb)
  7. T.M. Hammad, Jamil K. Salem and Roger G. Harrison
    Binding Agent Affect on the Structural and Optical Properties of ZnO Nanoparticles
    pages 74-80
    abstract    pdf (416 Kb)
  8. B. Warcholinski, A. Gilewicz and P. Myslinski
    Tribological Properties of TiAlCrN Thin Films
    pages 81-88
    abstract    pdf (126 Kb)
  9. M. Ciobanu, L. Marin, V. Cozan and M. Bruma
    Aromatic Polysulfones Used in Sensor Applications
    pages 89-96
    abstract    pdf (74 Kb)
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