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    Contents (pdf, 38 Kb)

  1. Terence G. Langdon
    The Current Status of Bulk Nanostructured Materials
    pages 1-4
    abstract    pdf (70 Kb)
  2. Kaveh Edalati and Zenji Horita
    Processing Sheets and Wires by Continuous High-pressure Torsion
    pages 5-11
    abstract    pdf (784 Kb)
  3. Ghader Faraji, Mahmoud Mosavi Mashhadi, Soo-Hyun Joo and Hyoung Seop Kim
    The Role of Friction in Tubular Channel Angular Pressing
    pages 12-18
    abstract    pdf (3904 Kb)
  4. Ulrich Krupp, Katharina Mey, Alexander Giertler, Gerd Kaupp, Hans Ulrich Benz and Henning Zoz
    Development of Ultrafine-grained Zinc-ferrite-strengthened Aluminum Alloys by High-energy Milling
    pages 19-24
    abstract    pdf (720 Kb)
  5. Dong Jun Lee, Eun Yoo Yoon, Sung Hak Lee, Soo Young Kang and Hyoung Seop Kim
    Finite Element Analysis for Compression Behavior of High Pressure Torsion Processing
    pages 25-30
    abstract    pdf (1152 Kb)
  6. T.N. Konkova, S.Yu. Mironov and A.V. Korznikov
    Grain Refinement in Copper via Cryogenic Deformation
    pages 31-35
    abstract    pdf (736 Kb)
  7. A. Korneva, G. Korznikova and A. Korznikov
    Gradient Microstructure in FeCr30Co8 Hard Magnetic Alloy Subjected to Tension Combined with Torsion
    pages 36-39
    abstract    pdf (576 Kb)
  8. G. Korznikova, T. Czeppe and A. Korznikov
    The Microstructure of the Ni-Al-V Alloys Prepared by Levitation, Rapid Quenching and High Pressure Torsion
    pages 40-46
    abstract    pdf (960 Kb)
  9. I.Yu. Litovchenko, A.N. Tyumentsev, M.I. Zahozheva and A.V. Korznikov
    Direct and Reverse Martensitic Transformation and Formation of Nanostructured States during Severe Plastic Deformation of Metastable Austenitic Stainless Steel
    pages 47-53
    abstract    pdf (5984 Kb)
  10. A.A. Mogucheva, A.V. Dubyna and R.O. Kaibyshev
    The Formation of Ultrafine Grained Structure in an Al-Mg-Sc Alloy by Equal Channel Angular Pressing at 150 °C
    pages 54-61
    abstract    pdf (1872 Kb)
  11. O. Sitdikov, S. Krymskiy, M. Markushev, E. Avtokratova and T. Sakai
    Effect of Heat Treatment on Nanostructuring in High-strength Aluminum Alloy by Severe Plastic Deformation
    pages 62-67
    abstract    pdf (2384 Kb)
  12. M. Tikhonova, Y. Kuzminova, A. Belyakov and R. Kaibyshev
    Nanocrystalline S304H Austenitic Stainless Steel Processed by Multiple Forging
    pages 68-73
    abstract    pdf (1552 Kb)
  13. V.V. Rybin, E.A. Ushanova, S.V. Kuzmin and V.I. Lysak
    Explosively Welded materials Bond Zone: Morphology and Crystallography
    pages 74-77
    abstract    pdf (512 Kb)
  14. A.V. Polyakov, I.P. Semenova, G.I. Raab, V.D. Sitdikov and R.Z. Valiev
    Peculiarities of Ultrafine-grained Structure Formation in Ti Grade-4 Using ECAP-Conform
    pages 78-84
    abstract    pdf (2080 Kb)
  15. Vil Sitdikov and Igor Alexandrov
    Texture Analysis of ω-phase Ti Subjected to High Pressure Torsion
    pages 85-89
    abstract    pdf (2624 Kb)
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