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    Contents (pdf, 10 Kb)

  1. Vladimir N. Popok
    Polymer Films with Ion-Synthesized Cobalt and Iron Nanoparticles: Conductance and Magnetism
    pages 1-12
    abstract    pdf (864 Kb)
  2. L.H. Huang, Z.H. Min and Q.Y. Zhang
    Solid Electrolyte Inter-Phase on Graphite Anodes in Li-Ion Batteries
    pages 13-20
    abstract    pdf (576 Kb)
  3. G.F. Li, X.Y. Shu and J.W. Liu
    Research Progress of Five-Fold Symmetry Clusters
    pages 21-28
    abstract    pdf (1984 Kb)
  4. Muhammad Amin and Salman Amin
    Aging Research on SIR and TPE Insulators (an Overview)
    pages 29-39
    abstract    pdf (400 Kb)
  5. L. Fu and A.M. Yu
    Carbon Nanotubes Based Thin Films: Fabrication, Characterization and Applications
    pages 40-61
    abstract    pdf (2704 Kb)
  6. Suresh Sagadevan and Mathan Periasamy
    Recent Trends in Nanobiosensors and their Applications - a Review
    pages 62-69
    abstract    pdf (1568 Kb)
  7. O.M. Osmolovskaya, I.V. Murin, V.M. Smirnov and M.G. Osmolovsky
    Synthesis of Vanadium Dioxide Thin Films and Nanopowders: a Brief Review
    pages 70-74
    abstract    pdf (68 Kb)
  8. W. Zhang, G.J. Ma and C.W. Wu
    Anti-Friction, Wear-Proof and Self-Lubrication Application of Carbon Nanotubes
    pages 75-88
    abstract    pdf (1824 Kb)
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