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  1. R.G. Chembarisova and I.V. Alexandrov
    Influence of Grain Boundary Segregation, Deformation Temperature on Strength in Ultrafine-grained Al and Ti Alloys
    pages 1-5
    abstract    pdf (164 Kb)
  2. H.T. Ni, J. Zhu and X.Y. Zhan
    Texture Evolution of Nanocrystalline Nickel during Pack Rolling
    pages 6-12
    abstract    pdf (992 Kb)
  3. A.V. Galaktionova and A. K. Emaletdinov
    Modeling of Vacancy Kinetics in Nanostructed Heat-resistant Alloy at the Thermal Fatigue
    pages 13-16
    abstract    pdf (3648 Kb)
  4. N. Guskos, D. Petridis, S. Glenis, A. Diamantopoulou, J. Typek, A. Guskos and G. Zolnierkiewicz
    Magnetic Properties of Composites of γ-Fe2O3 Nanoparticles Covered by Me3[Fe(CN)6]2·H2O (Me=Co and Ni)
    pages 17-21
    abstract    pdf (416 Kb)
  5. I.A. Ovid'ko and N.V. Skiba
    Generation of Nanoscale Deformation Twins at Free Surfaces in Nanocrystalline and Ultrafine-grained Bulk Materials, Thin Films and Micropillars
    pages 22-30
    abstract    pdf (1376 Kb)
  6. S.V. Bobylev and A.G. Sheinerman
    Critical Stress for Dislocation Formation in Deformed Twinned Nanowires
    pages 31-37
    abstract    pdf (1280 Kb)
  7. I.A. Ovid'ko, N.V. Skiba and A.G. Sheinerman
    Plastic Deformation through Detwinning and its Effect on Electric Resistivity in Ultrafine-grained Metals with Nanotwinned Structures
    pages 38-44
    abstract    pdf (304 Kb)
  8. E.V. Bobruk, X. Sauvage, N.A. Enikeev, B.B. Straumal and R.Z. Valiev
    Mechanical Behavior of Ultrafine-grained Al-5Zn, Al-10Zn, Al-30Zn Alloys
    pages 45-51
    abstract    pdf (5696 Kb)
  9. I.A. Ovid'ko and A.G. Sheinerman
    Toughening due to Crack Deflection in Ceramic- and Metal-graphene nanocomposites
    pages 52-60
    abstract    pdf (592 Kb)
  10. Alexander Zhilyaev, Nikolay Parkhimovich, Georgy Raab, Vladimir Popov and Valery Danilenko
    Microstructure and Texture Homogeneity of ECAP Titanium
    pages 61-66
    abstract    pdf (1408 Kb)
  11. N.N. Novik, O.V. Glumov, S.N.Golubev, V.G.Konakov and I.Yu. Archakov
    Impedance Spectroscopy Study of ZrO2-HfO2-Y2O3 Solid Electrolytes
    pages 67-76
    abstract    pdf (3008 Kb)
  12. A.S. Kochnev and I. A. Ovid'ko
    Giant Plasticity of Ultranarrow Graphene Nanoribbons
    pages 77-82
    abstract    pdf (704 Kb)
  13. M.M. Abramova, N.A. Enikeev, X. Sauvage, A. Etienne, B. Radiguet, E. Ubyivovk and R.Z. Valiev
    Thermal Stability and Extra-strength of an Ultrafine Grained Stainless Steel Produced by High Pressure Torsion
    pages 83-88
    abstract    pdf (2384 Kb)
  14. A.S. Kochnev and I. A. Ovid'ko
    Local Crystal-to-glass and Glass-to-crystal Transformations in Graphene under Tensile Deformation
    pages 89-93
    abstract    pdf (1536 Kb)
  15. V.G. Konakov, O.Yu. Kurapova, N.N. Novik, M.M. Pivovarov and I.Yu. Archakov
    Nanostructured YSZ Coatings on Titanium
    pages 94-101
    abstract    pdf (2544 Kb)
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