RAMS e-journal
No 1, Vol. 44, 2016       get Acrobat Reader

  1. I.A. Ovid'ko and A.G. Sheinerman
    Mechanical Properties of Nanotwinned Metals: a Review
    pages 1-25
    abstract    pdf (5760 Kb)
  2. Romisuhani Ahmad, Mohd Mustafa Al Bakri Abdullah, Kamarudin Hussin,
    Andrei Victor Sandu, Mohammed Binhussain and Nur Ain Jaya

    Processing and Properties of Polymer Filled Geopolymer Ceramics Fabricated
    via Powder Metallurgy Method: a Review
    pages 26-32
    abstract    pdf (512 Kb)
  3. Salman Amin, Asra Abid Siddiqui, Areeba Ayesha, Tayyaba Ansar and Ayesha Ehtesham
    Advanced Materials for Power Electronics Packaging and Insulation
    pages 33-45
    abstract    pdf (160 Kb)
  4. L.B. Gulina, A.A. Pchelkina, K.G. Nikolaev, D.V. Navolotskaya, S.S. Ermakov and V.P. Tolstoy
    A brief Review on Immobilization of Gold Nanoparticles on Inorganic Surfaces and Successive Ionic Layer Deposition
    pages 46-53
    abstract    pdf (768 Kb)
  5. S. Ma and J. Zhang
    Wear Resistant High Boron Cast Alloy - a Review
    pages 54-62
    abstract    pdf (1424 Kb)
  6. S.I. Stepanov, V.I. Nikolaev, V.E. Bougrov and A.E. Romanov
    Gallium Oxide: Properties and Applications - a Review
    pages 63-86
    abstract    pdf (1600 Kb)
  7. A. Declet, E. Reyes and O. M. Suárez
    Calcium Carbonate Precipitation: a Review of the Carbonate Crystallization Process and Applications in Bioinspired Composites
    pages 87-107
    abstract    pdf (2912 Kb)
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