Rev.Adv.Mater.Sci. (RAMS)
No 1, Vol. 46, 2016, pages 1-5


Igor Pantic, Danica Petrovic, Dejan Nesic, Ljiljana Markovic, Anita Petkovic
and Senka Panti


Graphene is a novel advanced material with numerous potential applications in fundamental and clinical medicine. Graphene compounds can be successfully used as an integral part of drug delivery systems for treatment of various diseases. Graphene-based controlled drug release in target tissues may particularly be useful in designing new cancer therapy strategies. This material might also be used for gene transfection and delivery, as a basis for future gene therapy. Finally, some graphene compounds can be used for design of probes for imaging and detection of physiological and pathological changes on a cellular level. Before any of these approaches and strategies can be successfully applied in clinical medicine, potential cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of graphene needs to be disproven. This concise review is focused on recent research on graphene in experimental physiology, pharmacology and related fields.

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