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No 1, Vol. 49, 2017       get Acrobat Reader

  1. Elena F. Sheka and Ireneusz Natkaniec
    Neutron Scattering of Parent and Reduced Graphene Oxides
    pages 1-27
    abstract    pdf (5616 Kb)
  2. V.P. Tolstoy, I.A. Kodintsev, K.S. Reshanova and A.A. Lobinsky
    A Brief Review of Metal Oxide (Hydroxide)-Graphene Nanocomposites Synthesis
    by Layer-by-layer Deposition from Solutions and Synthesis
    of CuO Nanorods-graphene Nanocomposite
    pages 28-37
    abstract    pdf (672 Kb)
  3. Hamidreza Sadegh
    Development of Graphene Oxide from Graphite: a Review on Synthesis, Characterization
    and Its Application in Wastewater Treatment
    pages 38-43
    abstract    pdf (336 Kb)
  4. Sonal R. Vasant and M.J. Joshi
    A Review on Calcium Pyrophosphate and Other Related Phosphate
    Nano Bio-materials and Their Applications
    pages 44-57
    abstract    pdf (672 Kb)
  5. Bing Yu, Hongbo Zhang, Hailin Cong, Guihuan Chen, Tao Xu and Yangchun Liu
    Recent Development and Application of Monolithic Columns
    pages 58-67
    abstract    pdf (1088 Kb)
  6. Dipen Kumar Rajak, L.A. Kumaraswamidhas and S. Das
    Technical Overview of Aluminum Alloy Foam
    pages 68-86
    abstract    pdf (2240 Kb)
  7. Zhun Li, Bing Yu, Hailin Cong, Hua Yuan and Qiaohong Peng
    Recent Development and Application of Solid Phase Extraction Materials
    pages 87-111
    abstract    pdf (1168 Kb)
  8. R. Deepak Joel Johnson, V. Arumuga Prabu, P. Amuthakkannan and K. Arun Prasath
    A Review on Biocomposites and Bioresin Based Composites
    for Potential Industrial Applications
    pages 112-121
    abstract    pdf (94 Kb)

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