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   No 1, Vol. 54, 2018       get Acrobat Reader

    Preface (pdf)

  1. K.A. Padmanabhan and M. Raviathul Basariya
    On the Common Origin of Structural Superplasticity in Different Classes of Materials
    pages 1-13
    abstract    pdf (1696 Kb)
  2. R.Z. Valiev, G.A. Salishchev, F.Z. Utyashev and T.G. Langdon
    Studies on the Superplasticity Effect in Ufa: History and Development (in memory of Prof. O.A. Kaibyshev)
    pages 14-24
    abstract    pdf (656 Kb)
  3. E.G. Astafurova, S.V. Astafurov, G.G. Maier, V.A. Moskvina, E.V. Melnikov and A.S. Fortuna
    Hydrogen Embrittlement of Ultrafine-Grained Austenitic Stainless Steels
    pages 25-45
    abstract    pdf (7248 Kb)
  4. M. Kawasaki and T.G. Langdon
    Superplasticity in Ultrafine-Grained Materials
    pages 46-55
    abstract    pdf (2048 Kb)
  5. A. Morozova, R. Mishnev, A. Belyakov and R. Kaibyshev
    Microstructure and Properties of Fine Grained Cu-Cr-Zr Alloys after Termo-Mechanical Treatments
    pages 56-92
    abstract    pdf (4528 Kb)
  6. A.M. Glezer, R.V. Sundeev and A.V. Shalimova
    Phase Transformations «Amorphization ⇔ Crystallization» in Metallic Materials Induced by Severe Plastic Deformation
    pages 93-104
    abstract    pdf (3136 Kb)

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