Rev.Adv.Mater.Sci. (RAMS)
No 2, Vol. 51, 2017, pages 160-176


V.G. Konakov, O.Yu. Kurapova, A.S. Grashchenko, S.N. Golubev,
E.N. Solovyeva and I.Yu. Archakov


The paper reviews the approaches for copper-graphene composites synthesis. The optimization of electrochemical deposition method both for pure nanotwinned copper and nanotwinned copper - graphene foils production is discussed. It is shown that two-step deposition including the buffer pure nanotwinned copper layer deposition followed by copper-graphene layer deposition provides the nanotwinned modification of the metal in the material matrix. The analysis of the effect of non-ionic surfactants used to stabilize graphene concentration in sulfur electrolyte during the long-time deposition gives an opportunity to consider surfactants application as a promising approach to solve this task. Summary of the mechanical test results shows the positive effect of graphene introduction on the mechanical properties of the material.

full paper (pdf, 3360 Kb)