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   No 2, Vol. 53, 2018       get Acrobat Reader

      Obituary Professor Lasar Shvindlerman

  1. Vandana Parihar, Mohan Raja and Rini Paulose
    A Brief Review of Structural, Electrical and Electrochemical Properties of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles
    pages 119-130
    abstract    pdf (1776 Kb)
  2. Haohao Zhang, Guihuan Chen, Bing Yu and Hailin Cong
    Emerging Advanced Nanomaterials for Cancer Photothermal Therapy
    pages 131-146
    abstract    pdf (2640 Kb)
  3. D.H. Jung, A. Sharma, M. Mayer and J.P. Jung
    A Review on Recent Advances in Transient Liquid Phase (TLP) Bonding for Thermoelectric Power Module
    pages 147-160
    abstract    pdf (2048 Kb)
  4. N. Kumari, S.R. Patel and J.V. Gohel
    Current Progress and Future Prospective of Perovskite Solar Cells: a Comprehensive Review
    pages 161-186
    abstract    pdf (2126 Kb)
  5. Majid Moayedfar and Morteza Khalaji Assadi
    Various Types of Anti-reflective Coatings (ARCS) Based on the Layer Composition and Surface Topography: a Review
    pages 187-205
    abstract    pdf (1456 Kb)
  6. Sanjay Biswas and Sudipta Pal
    Negative Magnetization in Perovskite RTO3 (R=rare-earth, T=Cr/Mn)
    pages 206-217
    abstract    pdf (2384 Kb)
  7. R.C. Sousa, F.R.C. Almeida, V.G.F. Viana, L.F.M. Carvalho and D.F.P. Vasconcelos
    Poly(Hidroxybutyrate) and Norbixin as Biomaterials in Biological Applications
    pages 218-225
    abstract    pdf (184 Kb)

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