Rev.Adv.Mater.Sci. (RAMS)
No 3, Vol. 40, 2015, pages 227-234


C.H. Lauro, L.C. Brandão, T.H. Panzera and J.P. Davim


Increasingly, the manufacturing industry is concerned to produce the components with the great quality. This quality is correlated with desired surface integrity, accuracy of dimensions, burrs, and other defects in machining. Among these aspects, the surface integrity of the machined components can be complex to manage because it shows a stochastic behaviour or requires special equipment for measuring. Thus, the studies on surface integrity are necessary to understand the surface integrity phenomena and ensure the desired quality. However, if lower values for surface integrity are desired, the micromachining can be a solution because it exhibits closest matches the desired range. This paper shows a review about the surface integrity in conventional machining, but its main purpose is to discuss the results of the literature and the advantage of the surface integrity when the micromachining process is used.

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