No 4, Vol. 5, 2004 


G.S. Bocharov1, A.V. Eletskii2 and A.V. Korshakov1

1 Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Moscow, Russia
2 RRC "Kurchatov Institute", Kurchatov Sq. Moscow 123182, Russia


There have been studied the Current-Voltage Characteristics (CVC) of a field emission cathode on the basis of carbon nanotubes (CNT). It is shown that the origin of a deviation of these characteristics from the classical Fowler-Nordheim dependence, observed at low voltages and currents, is caused by a statistical spread of geometrical parameters of individual nanotubes. The interconnection between the magnitude of the relative dispersion of the electrical field amplification factor γ and the shape of CVC has been established assuming the normal distribution of that. This interconnection is used for processing the CVC measured by various authors. The results obtained imply a considerable statistical spread of the amplification factor Δγ/γ = 0,1 - 0,3.

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