RAMS e-journal
No 6, Vol. 18, 2008  

Contents (pdf, 54 Kb) & Preface (pdf, 154 Kb)

  1. Waldemar Kaszuwara, Artur Witkowski, Marcin Leonowicz, Piotr Pawlik and Józef Paszula
    Effect of Milling Medium on the Structure and Magnetic Properties of Mechanically Alloyed Barium Ferrite
    pages 497-500
    abstract    pdf (152 Kb)
  2. Adriana Zeleňáková, Vladimír Zeleňák, Jarmila Degmová, Jozef Kováč, Katarína Sedláčková, Martin Kusý and Jozef Sitek
    The Iron-Gold Magnetic Nanoparticles: Preparation, Characterization and Magnetic Properties of Mechanically Alloyed Barium Ferrite
    pages 501-504
    abstract    pdf (100 Kb)
  3. László F. Kiss, Judit Balogh, Dénes Kaptás, Tamás Kemény and Imre Vincze
    Magnetic Properties of Ball-Milled Fe-Rich Fe50+xAl50-x Alloys
    pages 505-508
    abstract    pdf (272 Kb)
  4. Beata Butvinová, Pavol Butvin, Gabriel Vlasák, Peter Švec, Dušan Janičkovič
    Secondary Magnetic Anisotropy in Hitperms
    pages 509-512
    abstract    pdf (82 Kb)
  5. Gabriel Vlasák, Peter Švec, Tomáš Kauňch, Milan Pavúk and Marcel Miglierini
    The Influence of Heat Treatment on Magnetostriction of Fe74Mo8Cu1B17 Metallic Glass
    pages 513-517
    abstract    pdf (76 Kb)
  6. Pavol Sovák, Gabriel Pavlík, Vladimír Kolesár, Karel Saksl and Ján Füzer
    Structure and Magnetic Properties of Fe73.5-xVxCu1Nb3Si13.5B9 Alloys
    pages 518-521
    abstract    pdf (156 Kb)
  7. Gabriel Pavlík, Pavol Sovák, Vladimír Kolesár, Karel Saksl and Ján Füzer
    Structure and Magnetic Properties of Fe73.5-xCexCu1Nb3Si13.5B9 Alloys
    pages 522-526
    abstract    pdf (114 Kb)
  8. C. Duhamel, J. Das, S. Pauly, K.S. Lee and J. Eckert
    Deformation Behavior and Fractographic Features of Ductile Cu47Zr47Al6 Bulk Metallic Glass
    pages 527-532
    abstract    pdf (368 Kb)
  9. Jozef Kováč, Peter Švec and Ivan Škorvánek
    Magnetocaloric Effect in Amorphous and Nanocrystalline FeCrNbBCu Alloys
    pages 533-535
    abstract    pdf (288 Kb)
  10. P.C. Morais, L.B. Silveira, A.C. Oliveira and J.G. Santos
    Initial Dynamic Susceptibility of Biocompatible Magnetic Fluids
    pages 536-540
    abstract    pdf (68 Kb)
  11. D. Plusa, M. Dospial, B. Slusarek, U. Kotlarczyk and T. Mydlarz
    On the Magnetic Properties of Bonded Magnets Made from a Mixture of Nd(Fe,Co)B and Strontium Ferrite or Alnico Powder
    pages 541-544
    abstract    pdf (66 Kb)
  12. Aleksandra Kolano-Burian, Roman Kolano, Tadeusz Kulik and Jarołsaw Ferenca
    Magnetic Properties of Co Doped Finemet at Elevated Temperature
    pages 545-548
    abstract    pdf (58 Kb)
  13. H. Benaini, J.S. Blázquez, C.F. Conde, A. Conde and P. Ochin
    Influence of Mn Content on the Microstructure and Hyperfine Interaction Parameters of Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Hitperm-Type FeCoMnNbB Alloys
    pages 549-552
    abstract    pdf (164 Kb)
  14. Waldemar Kaszuwara, Artur Witkowski, Marcin Leonowicz and Piotr Pawlik
    Influence of Chemical Composition on Phase Constitution and Magnetic Properties of Magnets Processed by Divitrification of BaO-Fe2O3-B2O3 Glasses
    pages 553-556
    abstract    pdf (98 Kb)
  15. Roman Kolano, Aleksandra Kolano-Burian, Lajos K. Varga, Jan Szynowski and Marcin Polak
    Co Added Finemet and Nanoperm Alloys with Flat Hysteresis Loops
    pages 557-560
    abstract    pdf (72 Kb)
  16. A. Bieńkowski, R. Szewczyk, J. Salach and A. Kolano-Burian
    The Magnetoelastic Villari Effect in Fe25Ni55Si10B10 Amorphous Alloy Subjected to Thermal Treatment
    pages 561-564
    abstract    pdf (86 Kb)
  17. C.F. Conde and A. Conde
    Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of Mo Containing Nanoperm-Type Alloys
    pages 565-571
    abstract    pdf (116 Kb)
  18. S.N. Kane, S.S. Khinchi, Zs. Gercsi, A. Gupta, L.K. Varga and F. Mazaleyrat
    Structural Studies of Stress Annealed Co21Fe64-xNbxB15 Alloys
    pages 572-575
    abstract    pdf (224 Kb)
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