MS1 . Industrial Applications in Mechatronics.
  Coordinators: Hans Irschik and Helmut J. Holl, Austria
MS2 . Structural and Phase Transformations under Dynamic Loading
  Coordinators: Eron Aero and Yuri Mesheryakov, Russia
MS3 . Multibody System Dynamics with Control.
  Coordinator: Johannes Gerstmayr, Austria
MS4 . Hydrogen diagnostics for the structural health monitoring.
  Coordinator: Vladimir Polyanskiy, Russia
MS5 . Modelling and Simulation of Dynamic Processes in Seismically Active Areas
  Coordinators: Vladimir Babeshko and Alexander Belyaev, Russia
MS6 . Sensor Systems for Structural and Health Monitoring
  Coordinators: M. Krommer (Austria) and Yu. Vetyukov (Russia)
MS7 . Distributed Parameter Systems Control Methods for Structures and Machines
  Coordinators: Kurt Schlacher and Markus Schoberl, Austria