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June 3-7, 2000

St. Petersburg


Precision and Quality, Third Millennium Imperatives

First notification


The Fourth Session of the International Research School for Modern Fundamental Problems and Application Tasks of the Theory of Precision and Quality of Machines, Devices and Systems


Chairperson: Academician K. S. Kolesnikov

Co-chairpersons:V.P.Bulatov(Russia), L.V.Yefremov (Russia),

Committee members: Yu.P.Adler (Russia, V.P.Bulatov (Russia), E.Collani (Germany), L.Hanin (USA), A.S. Zakharevsky (Russia), M.M.Kane (Belarus), E.V.Matsevich (Russia), V.M.Musalimov (Russia), I.Ye.Ovcharenko (Russia), Ye.A.Provatorova (Russia), V.I.Sergeyev (Russia), Yu.P.Stepanovsky (Ukraine), Ye.I.Sychev (Russia), B.P.Timofeyev (Russia), V.M.Trukhanov (Russia), I.G.Fridlšnder (Russia).

Academic Secretary: T. V. Farafonova


School 2000 will discuss fundamental aspects of the theory of precision, a science that deals with the causes and laws of dissipation of parameters of real technological processes.


School 2000 will bring together researchers, academics and industrial figures who are interested in the theory of precision and quality and its application.


  1. General methodology for the theory of precision: current state and prospects.
  2. Concepts of modern natural science and mathematical and information technologies in the theory of precision.
  3. Theory of precision and metrology.
  4. Theory of precision and quality in the light of the economic and social problems of the third millennium.

The following survey lectures are to be delivered:

  1. Statistical Analysis in the Quality System, by Yu.P.Adler;
  2. Problems of the Physical Basis for the Theory of Precision, by V.M.Musalimov;
  3. Extreme Problems and Probability Metrics, by L.Hanin;
  4. Some Mathematical Technologies and Stochastic Methodology in the Theory of Precision, by I. Ye. Ovcharenko;
  5. "Nobelian" Physical Effects and Some Concepts of Modern Physics, by Yu.P.Stepanovsky;
  6. Precision, Mutual Replaceability, Reliability, by V.M.Trukhanov;
  7. Statistical Methods of Analysis and Regulation of a Production Process, by I.G.Fridlšnder;
  8. Robust Methods of Mathematical Statistics and Problems of Analysis of Incomplete and Censored Data, by G.L.Shevlyakov.


Deadline for the submission of a paper synopsis,

March 1, 2000;

Deadline for the submission of a paper (a maximum of 1,500 words), May 1, 2000;

Registration deadline, June 1, 2000;

School session, June 3-7, 2000.


1. A paper of 1,500 words, or six pages of computer text, must be printed on white paper sheets of Size A4 via an MS Word 6.0-8.0 Word processor or an MS DOS editor.

It is desirable that the paper should be sent by e-mail to or by fax to (+7-812) 321-4771.

2. It is recommended that No. 12 Times New Roman font be used.

3. The title of the paper must be placed in the central part of the line and printed in Size 14 capitals. The surname(s) of the author(s), preceded by his/her/their first name initial(s) must be printed immediately below, skipping one line. This must be followed, also skipping one line, by the summary,

printed in italics and in a column. The name and address or the organization represented by the author must be indicated in a footnote on the first page. The nationality of the organization must be indicated.

4. The paper must be printed with single spaces between lines, a left-hand margin of 25 millimetres, a right-hand margin of 20 millimetres and a top and bottom margins of 20 millimetres.

5. Drawings and tables must be done in Windows. Tables must be placed inside the text and drawings after the text. The captions for the drawings must be written in two languages. Literature used in the paper must be listed after the drawings. A reference to an article must indicate the surname(s) and first name initial(s) of the author(s), the title of the article, the title, volume, year of issue and number of issue of the periodical in which the article appears and the page(s) on which the passage that is quoted or referred to occurs. A reference to a book must indicate the surname(s) and first name initial(s) of the author(s), the title of the book and its place of publication, publisher and year of publication. The listing of references must follow the order in which they occur in the text.

6. The size of all the magnitudes used in the paper must be based on the SI international system.

7. The paper must be submitted to the Organizing Committee as a print-out, one copy in the Russian and one in the English language, and as a file on a 3.5-inch diskette if the paper has not been sent in by e-mail before. The author must use his/her name as the file name.8. If it is impossible to computerize drawings, they must be presented on separate sheets of white paper or tracing paper with a minimum size of six to nine centimetres. If any photographs are submitted, they must have contrasting colours and a minimum size of six to six centimetres.

9. Papers that are submitted to School 2000 will be published as a collection.


The School 2000 registration fee is 250 roubles for a national of a CIS state and 75 U.S. dollars for a national of any other state. A foreign currency fee must be converted into roubles at the Russian Central Bank rate as of the transfer date.


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School 2000 will be held in Pansionat "Zarya", Repino. Repino is located on the coast of the gulf of Finland, 40 km from St.Petersburg.

Participants will be put up in single or double hotel rooms. Applications for accomodation must be sent up to April, 15 via fax or e-mail.


T. V. Farafonova, Academic Secretary, at

Bolshoi Prospekt B.O. 61, 199178 St. Petersburg

Tel.: (812) 321-4779, (812) 560-2081

Fax: (812) 321-4771